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Hi. Thanks for stopping by.

My name is David Theriault and I’m a high school English Teacher in Southern California. My primary blog is thereadinessisall.com. That blog is more of a long form blog where I work through more complex ideas or share my process for solving and asking questions. For about two years I had two sections on my blog that were dedicated to shorter posts, but the implementation was messy. Starting today: 1/2/2015 http://www.ideaFM.org will house those shorter ideas and questions.

Sean Ziebarth and I have been using the #ideaFM in our classes for a while. IdeaFM combines two ideas.

1. The concept of Idea Farming, which is our innovation process for adults and students

2. idea FM which is the concept of sending out or sharing our ideas like a FM radio signal.

I hope you enjoy the new site. Use the search bar and/or the tags/categories to find what you are looking for or just browse around using the pictures.

If you want even more daily shares, follow me on twitter @davidtEDU

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2 thoughts on “About ideaFM

  1. Great concept for a new blog, David. Your posts are consistently packed with thought and insight–always worth reading to the end. The ideaFM will be another outlet for your creative visions and positive voice in education. I’m looking forward to following your latest innovation!

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