Creating An Engaging Environment: Selfie Wall


This photo makes me think about a couple of things.

  • Is there a spot in your class or your school where people want to take a picture of themselves or their friends? Why not?
  • A selfie says “I want people to see me in the context of this setting.” How can we help students want to “picture” themselves in our class or at our school?
  • I’ve seen daily quotes on whiteboards, but what happens when the quote is larger than life and becomes a photo opportunity?
  • Is there a place in my class for my students to own for the year? Is there a place on the campus where students can leave their mark in a positive way, a way to say- I am a part of all this? I valued my time here. I remember when I was a kid my whole class drew pictures on the outside of a large roll-up steel door. Thirty years later I would visit that school or take people by my elementary school just to show them my terrible drawing of a soccer ball. I bummed out when they painted over that mural.


My latest idea for my class is to paint a part of my class so that it looks like it’s underwater and then use clear idea paint over it so that students can draw fish and other underwater pictures. I’m going to use the space below to share other selfie-wall ideas for myself and for others.

GumWALLA crazy collection of some type, built up over time, can make a cool photo op. 


What if I had an image from a famous book? What if Max wasn’t in the picture but I had a gold crown and students could pretend to be Max amongst the “monsters?”

  • Do I want just a blank wall where students can fill in what they want?
  • Do I want a symbol or theme that represents our beliefs?
  • Do I want the class hashtag on the wall?
  • Do I want something that will spark their imagination?

23-Street-Art-London-Street-Art-TourDo I want a bucket list or “before I graduate” wall?


If you have other ideas or thoughts, please share them below.

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