Using Twitter Chats As A Learning or Assessment Tool



I’ll write a longer post later, but I wanted to provide three resources if you are thinking of doing a Twitter chat with your class, especially in an English/Literature class:

1. Scroll to the bottom third of this post to see how I went about using a Twitter chat in English class.

2. Go to this site to see an example of the finished product of a class Twitter chat on Hamlet. I also have Twitter chats we have used with my staff during professional development, or as a means of documenting professional development with Twitter.

3. One of my favorite questions in a Literature Twitter chat is to ask the students to summarize the book in only six words. I got this idea from my co-worker Sean Ziebarth. He calls it #Litin6 you can see exactly how to do a Litin6 activity using Twitter here. You could also do a sciencein6 or #mathin6 or #historyin6 chat after a learning unit.

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