VIDEO: How To Be Alone


click on the image above to watch the video on Vimeo

In a world filled with a desperate striving to fill silence and to connect with others, a wonderful video aptly named “How to Be Alone” might be one of the best things you can show in class. I actually had the students do a quick write on how they feel when they are alone before we started watching this video.

Here is what I asked the students before watching the video:

  • What questions do you have about being alone?
  • Why is being alone considered a bad thing?
  • When should we worry about others being alone? How do we know they might need someone in their life? Is being alone a good life choice?
  • Why are some people mostly alone?
  • Why is solitary confinement seen as the ultimate punishment?
  • How would my life be different if I lived alone?
  • How do YOU handle loneliness?
  • What would you share with your child or younger brother/sister/cousin about being alone?
  • Am I doing enough to make sure my friends don’t feel alone?
  • How can you increase your chances of finding a good friend?

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