5 Lesson Unit Starting Strategies that Engage Students’ Attention.

Potential Problem: You are distance teaching students while they are home with all of their normal distractions: siblings, parents, pets, cell phones, the door bell, the home phone, that comfy couch and this:


Solution: So how do you get them hooked on what they are about to learn? How do you get them engaged in the learning YOU and the school want them to work on (because let’s be honest, students learn without school, but hopefully we have something they NEED to know). I’ve been teaching for 26 years, the last 5 I have taught an online/hybrid course. Here are the five strategies I use the most to get my students engaged in a specific topic or learning unit:

(None of these are longer than 8 minutes and most are around 5 minutes)

YouTube video #1

YouTube video #2

YouTube video #3

YouTube video #4

YouTube video #5


Here’s the slide deck for all five strategies

Here’s the bonus video for how to make custom GIFs using Giphy

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