The Importance Of Scale In Learning, Teaching, And Creation



The following picture is from my brother, Paul’s (Pascal Theriault), art show in Los Angeles. The concept I want you to consider is scale. Whether it’s architecture, art, film, etc…. one of the impressive aspects of those arts is the ability to create something large, not just deep, not just time consuming, like a novel, but large in size. How can we as subject area teachers facilitate our students creating work that has an impressive scale? Something to consider when unit and lesson planning.

This is also something to consider when planning professional development.

  • Can you take people outside?
  • Can you use the digital projector or a digital camera arm?
  • Can you bring in an overly large object?
  • Can you create or share a large collection?
  • Can you use a wall or whiteboard?
  • Can you use a sidewalk?
  • Can you use larger markers or paint brushes instead of markers?
  • Can you project an image outside?

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