How Playing With A Paper Planet Can Transform Your Community

paper city

The other day someone asked me where I find all my ideas. I explained a few strategies, but I left out an important one. I’m married. My wife is wicked smart and well read. She still shares stuff with me. Boom.

That’s how I found out about this Australian Company: Polyglot Theatre and their amazing opportunities for play. Why is play so important.? Well, I’ll just let you watch another share I collected from my friend Scott Bedley, an absolutely amazing teacher. Don’t believe me? Just go look at Scott Bedley in action for a second or two.

So imagine for a second doing something like THIS: (click images for larger size)

On your campus, at your conference, at your edcamp, in your city park. You’ll go nuts, the kids will go nuts, they’ll remember it forever and look at you and the world differently. Here’s a short video showing the building process and resulting play. You can visit Polyglot Theatre’s website to see and learn more. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about play tonight because Scott wants to have a discussion about play in the classroom at edcampLA. I can’t wait to see him there. EdcampLA is the best edcamp I’ve ever been to.

It’s Caine’s Arcade come to life.

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