Hyperbole In The EDUTech World: What Real Magic Looks Like


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat in a training or been at an edcamp or conference and hear the word


Followed by a smattering of applause. When a real magician performs he/she doesn’t say TA-DA! or SLAM! or SHAZAM or SHAM-WOW or anything else. Instead you just hear the sound of the crowd losing their mind. Now this Google Chrome Experiment made in conjunction with the Canadian band Arcade Fire won’t flip out your entire class, but it will flip out A particular student, so choose wisely.

Pick a student who will appreciate it, a student who could use a little magic. Then figure out their home address (PS far too many students our school a fake address so they can attend so you need to make sure the student’s home is their current or past home)

Put the address in the little window and wait until it says “Play Film.”

Do this before class starts or with your projector screen on A/V mute. Create some excuse for showing this. Then turn off the lights and start the “Film.” Watch the student’s face. About half-way into the film the students home shows up and becomes a part of the film.

It will blow their mind.

No slam, no shazam, just bam…

it’s pretty cool.

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